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Real Life Stories

Are you currently or have you previously experienced domestic violence, rape or sexual assault? You are not alone and we are here to support you.

Ash’s Story

“I will forever be grateful for how Freeva have supported Ash through such a difficult time.” Find out how Freeva’s services helped Ash and their family.

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Women's Programme

Marie’s Story

Marie called Freeva’s helpline and spoke with a friendly support worker who guided her through weeks of support. Find out how Freeva’s services helped her and her family.

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James’s Story

“Freeva didn’t just help him cope with the sexual abuse, but they also took into account the other factors that were affecting his life.” Find out how Freeva’s services helped James and his friend.

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What is Sexual Abuse

Tom’s Story

Tom grew concerned about his best friend, Alex, after he didn’t show up for his birthday party and distanced himself from all his friends. Find out how Tom saved Alex from an abusive relationship with the help and support of Freeva.

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Our Services

Services for those Affected

If you are currently experiencing, or have previously experienced, domestic violence, rape or sexual assault, we are here to support you. We understand how you may be feeling and we can help.

Step up dads programme_green

Are you hurting the one you love? Find out more about our specialist programmes available for those wanting to change their behaviour, and looking to develop safer, loving and respectful relationships.

Supporting Others

How to Support Others

We know it can be difficult to know what to say when you suspect someone you know may be a victim of domestic abuse, sexual abuse or rape. We can talk you through some steps you can take to support a loved one.

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