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Foundations Programme

We know talking about your behaviour and emotions is tricky, but you’re in the right place.

Our range of support services can provide you with a non-judgmental space to talk about your emotions, and provide guidance and advice on your journey.

With our Foundations Programme, we aim to build awareness of what a healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationship can look like, so we can provide support to those who recognise these abusive behaviours within themselves.

Our change programmes are run through The Jenkins Project; a project managed by Freeva, designed help you step away from abusive behaviour.

Respect Accredited
Foundations Programme

The 8-week awareness programme explores:

Hear From Those Who Have Done It...

“I have discovered my weaknesses; defensiveness, fear and stubbornness, selfish behaviour and disrespectful attitude. I have learnt how to change this through the programme.”

Get Informed

If you’re not ready to speak to someone about your behaviour, we have a range of information and resources available for you to read and use in the meantime.

To refer yourself to our support services, and begin your journey to a brighter future, call 0116 254 0101.

Seeking Support

Use Your Strength to Change Not Control

Looking to change abusive behaviour shows strength, asking for help shows strength. Finding out more about our services is a big stride towards healthier relationships.

Domestic Abuse

What Does Domestic Abuse Look Like?

Are you concerned that you may be using abusive behaviour towards someone you love? If so, you’re in the right place. Firstly, let’s talk a bit more about what domestic abuse can look like.

Looking for support to Change? Call our helpline today.

How to get help

Get in touch and start your journey to a brighter future today. Our friendly team will listen to your needs and refer you to the most suitable programme within the Jenkins Project.

Seeking Change

Are you currently or have you previously experienced domestic violence, rape or sexual assault?

Explore More of Our

Services for those Seeking Change...

Maintenance Programme

If you’ve completed our Second Step programme, we offer a monthly drop-in session that you can attend for ongoing support.

1 on 1 Support

Whilst we offer a range of support programmes in group settings, some people may be better suited to 1-on-1 advice and/or maintenance sessions, depending on their circumstances.

Step Up Dads Programme

If you’ve already completed our Second Step programme, and are looking to work on your fathering or co-parenting skills, our Step Up Dads programme is for you.

The Young Person (YP) Project

We work with young people from 10 -18 years throughout Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to support change in difficult relationships.

Women’s Programme

Our Women’s Programme is a weekly group programme for women who are using violent and abusive behaviours in their heterosexual or same sex relationships.

Second Step Programme

This 24 week programme aimed at those looking to change will explore the impact of abusive behaviour, healthy and respectful communication, and the foundations of a successful relationship.

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